At Curacao Property Management we offer a range of property management services. We aim to provide you with a personal, bespoke management service giving you complete peace of mind.

We understand that your property is one of the most important financial assets which is why we aim to provide the highest levels of service while providing value for money.

We dedicate all our energy and passion into finding you superior tenants and managing the rented property to an outstanding level while keeping costs down to a minimum.

Do you want to enjoy the income generated by your rental property without having to do any of the hard work?

At Curacao Property Management we find the tenants, deal with legal documents, along with maintenance and repair issues, collect rent and much more before transferring the monthly rental income, to you.

If you are looking for a new property manager and your property is on the east part of Curacao, contact us today to discuss your requirements. If you are unsure whether your property is within the areas we work, simply send us a message via or our contact form and include the area of your property and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours. 

Why choose us?

Unlike many of our competitors, we carry out regular property visits whilst the tenancy is ongoing. This way we have the ability to pick up on potential issues before they turn into something more serious. It also helps us to build superior relationships with tenants.

  • We always take time to understand your priorities and we make them our priorities too.
  • We carry out extensive referencing on all tenants. Essentially, no tenant moves into a property that we wouldn’t have in one of our own.
  • We have a network of local contractors who will attend to any maintenance issues quickly.
  • We always transfer rent over to you within one working days of it hitting our account.
  • Most importantly, we offer 24-hour assistance to all tenants.